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    Cerasteel Knife 6" Chef


    Cerasteel Knife 6" Chef

    Bright Time own independent intellectual property rights of cerasteel

    • Ceramic and steel Laser-welded blade, a technology used in aerospace and defense
    • Hard Ceramic-Metal-Alloy layers guarantee 100% more wear resistance than Damascus knives by third-party test
    • Strong tenacity and shock resistance as ordinary steel knives.
    • High strength, low moisture absorption, and chemical resistance G10 fiberglass handle
    • Much lighter and thinner blade, easier to use for creative cuisines.
    • Product description

      Cerasteel knives are made of the composite material of ceramic (cer) and metal (met) alloy technology. When cermet was laser welded on the steel blade body, it provides a hard and sharp cutting edge, while remains resilience and strength at the same time.

      The Cerasteel technology was firstly used in the jet engines of China’s first supercruise-capable stealth fighters, which can fly at supersonic speed for a long time. It protects the turbine blades and shaft in extreme high duties and enabled the giant leap forward in the aerospace industry. Bright Time, as a R&D partners with one of the major metal research institutes in China, developed the civilian and commercial version of Cerasteel for home and kitchen use, after 8 years of research, test and validation.

      Sharper than Steel Knives

      Cerasteel knives are ultra-sharp with cermet alloy, and the sharpness maintains much longer than any steel kitchen knive.

      Stronger than Ceramic Knives

      The cutting-edges of Cerasteel knives are sandwich that the elastic and tough steel blade body between 2 layers of hard metal ceramic. The laser welding combines 3 layers into one strong body within milliseconds. They won’t break, crack or chip like ceramic knives.

      Long-lasting sharpness and optimized cutting performance (as maintaining initial sharpness, edge retention) come with best corrosion resistance and blade flexibility. They remain sharp as ceramic knives, and won’t chip or break like them.


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