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    Cerasteel Knife 3.5" Parer


    Cerasteel Knife 3.5" Parer

    Bright Time own independent intellectual property rights of cerasteel


    1) Cerasteel material is an alloy which combined by ceramic and steel together under high temperature process.

     It is a high technology material which used in aviation, aerospace and arsenals field. 

    2) The cutting edge is lifetime guaranteed. 

    3) The tenacity and the shock resistance of Cerasteel is same as steel knife, the blade is flexable.

    4) Cerasteel has the highest hardness: 62-70 HRC. 

    It has great wear resistance ability, which is 3 times better than damascus steel knife. 

    5) Light weight ergonomic design fits nicely into your hands. 

    Extremely sharp and light blades makes fot easy use comparing to other kitchen knife.

    6) Cerasteel material is more cost-effective than damascus steel knife and it is a totally new material, 

    thus it has a great market value and it will be very popular with consumers.

    7) The Cerasteel material is harmless to human, dishwasher safe, comfortable and relaxing in the cutting process. 


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