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    Face Shield


    Protect face skin and food safe when cooking

    Description of goods:

    Product name: Safety Face Shield

    Item No.: BT-FS9132 

    Size: 320mm*220mm 

    Body Material: PET

    Color: Blue

    Type: Soft sponge, fit to the forehead without pressing the skin, 

              comfortably fit and full protection. wide elastic band, 

              design of buckle fixation, adjustable for various head shape.

    Item No.: BT-FS9131 

    Size: 215mm*160mm,

    Body Material: PP+PET

    Color: Blue

    Type:Double-sided anti-fogging shield, adjustable holder, 

                elastic band will not press the head tightly, 

                able to wear together with glasses.


    Security: Anti-spitting splash, comprehensive protection of eyes from injury, protect eyes and block body fluids blood sprays and other splashes.

    High transparency: Anti-fogging treatment for the shield, make it fog-proof in temperature difference.

    PP&PET: Flexible, light weight, and resistant to high temperature and greasy, high-graded raw materials and extraordinary quality.

    Adjustable holder: Elastic band will not press the head tightly, able to wear together with glasses.


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