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    Automatic Soap Dispenser


    Soap Dispenser

    [Wash Hands in a Cleaner WayWithout the need of directly touch, you can simply put your hand under the soap dispenser to get instant fully bubbles thanks to its built-in infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology. It creates super rich bubbles and can reduce the use of liquid soap at least 50%

    [Work With Most Liquid SoapThe auto soap dispenser is compatible with most kinds of liquid soap such as handwashing liquid, dishwashing liquid, shampoos, shower gels and body lotion. Please do not use these non-foaming soap 

    • [Suitable for family or public occasions] 

    Description of goods:

    Name: Automatic Soap Dispenser

    Material: Fresh ABS

    Item No.: BT-W2055

    Size: 121*110*270mm 

    Capacity: 1000ml

    Power supply: DC power & battery applicable.

    Packing: 1pc/box, 15pcs/carton

    Advantage of Automatic Soap Dispenser:

    1000 ml large capacity

    Hand Sanitizing is no longer a chore

    Infrared induction (Intelligent infrared induction, touchless hand washing) 

    Quantitative liquid output (save hand sanitizer and reduce hand washing cost)

    AC and DC dual use (power plug-in or 4 No.5 batteries)

    Wall hanging installation 

    (convenient wall hanging, supports two ways: hole free / hole punching)

    Fresh high crystal ABS material shell, wear resistant and durable

    Applicable to all kinds of places (hotels / offices /other places, etc.)

    Simple three-step filling, easier maintenance:

    1. Open the container cover

    2. Pour liquid into the tank

    3. Tighten the container cover

    Installation method reference

    (alternative installation methods: nail free sticking / drilling):

    1. Select a clean wall and mark the punch position

    2. Use electric drill to drill holes at the marked punch position

    3. Punch at the corresponding mark and insert expansion screw

    4. Install the product onto the hook clasp

    Advantage of Automatic Soap Dispenser(Spray version):

    Spray hand sanitizer by atomization, more economically choice


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