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    Clip cap & Disposable face mask


    protect food safe

    Type: Stainless steel wire anti-cut gloves

    Item No.: BT-CSG-001


    Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Etc.

    Material: stainless steel

    Packing: 1pc/bag

    Description of goods:

    Name: Clip Cap

    Material: PP

    Item No.: BT-BCD3 

    Size: 10±2g,21 inches   

    Packing: 100pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn

    Ctn.Size: 32.0cm x 25.0cm x 26.0cm

    Name: Disposable face mask

    Material: PP

    Item No.: BT-CMXM

    Size: 17.5cm*9.5cm

    Packing: 50pcs/bag, 40bags/ctn 

    Ctn.Size: 52.0cm x 38.0cm x 40.0cm

    Name: Pirate Cap

    Material: PP

    Item No.: BT-PC10 

    Size: 54.0cm*34.0cm   

    Packing: 100pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn

    Ctn.Size: 32.0cm x 25.0cm x 26.0cm

    Description of goods:

    FFP2 NR Particle Filtering Half Mask.

    Folding mask, Adjustable Nose Bridge, 5 layers.

    We could provide the FFP2 NR mask with or without valve.

    Filtering half masks meet the requirements of regulation EU 2016/425. 

    They have been tested according to EN 149:2001+a1:2009 and get the CE certificate.

    Fitting instruction:

    1. Place fingers inside the particle filtering half mask. 
    2. Bend the nose clip around fingers to form nose shape
    3. Hold the particle filtering half mask in position over the nose and mouth, 
    4. pull the headharness behind the ears.
    5. Attach the headharness to the retaining clip, improve comfort and prevent leakage.
    6. Use both hands, form the nose clip around the nose and shift the headharness 
    7. to ensure a positive face seal.
    8. Seal check

    A. To test the fit of the particle filtering half mask without an exhalation valve, 

    cup both hands over particle filtering half mask and inhale sharply.

    B. If air flow is felt in the nose area, re-adjust and tighten the nose clip

    C. If air flow is felt around the edges of the respirator, adjust the particle 

    filtering half mask/ headharness to achieve a better fit.

    1. Change the particle filtering half mask immediately if breathing becomes 
    2. difficult or particle filtering half mask becomes damaged or distorted.
    3. Change the particle filtering half mask if proper face seal cannot be achieved.
    4. Carefully observe these instructions is an important step in safe respirator use.

    User instructions:

    1. Failure to follow all instructions and limitations could seriously reduce the 
    2. effectiveness of this particle half mask and could lead to illness, injury or death.
    3. This particle half mask does not supply oxygen. Use it in adequately ventilated 
    4. and where containing sufficient oxygen to support life.
    5. Discard the respirator and replace with a new one if: 
    6. A. Excessive clogging of the particle half mask cause breathing difficulty.  
    7. B. The particle half mask become damaged.
    8. Leave the contaminated area if dizziness, irritation or other distress occurs.

    Use Limitations:

    1. Do not use the respirator or enter or stay in a contaminated area under 
    2. the following circumstance: 
    3. A. Atmosphere contains less than 19.5% oxygen.. 
    4. B. If you smell or taste contaminant. 
    5. C. For protection against gases or vapors. 
    6. D. Contaminants or their concentrations are unknown or immediately 
    7. dangerous to life or health. 
    8. E. For sandblasting , paint-spray operations and asbestos.
    9. Do not modify or misuse the mask.
    10. Do not use the particle half mask with facial hair or any other conditions
    11. that may prevent a good face-seal, the requirements for leakage will not be achieved.
    12. This respirator helps protect against certain particulate contaminants but does not 
    13. eliminate exposure to out the risk of contracting disease or infection. 
    14. Misuse may result to sickness or death.
    15. This particle half mask marked “NR”, shall not be used for more than one shift.

    We could also provide the FFP3 mask with or without valve (cone style).

    Order quantity 10,000pcs 


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